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For any CMS it is very critical that it provide various ways for other application to interact with its repository at the same it should also secure its repository from the illegal access or intruders. Alfresco architects have always kept this point in mind and because of it Alfresco score much more in this area the other proprietary CMS competitors.

Alfresco gives you the choice to use either Web Scripts or the traditional, SOAP-based, Web Services.

Webscripts are very powerful services supported by Alfresco. Webscripts are RESTFul webservices which are bound to specific URI and responds to HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. The term REST had been introduced by Roy T. Fielding, one of the architects of the HTTP protocol. Webscripts can be invoked using that unique URL to which they are bound. They can be used as a replacement of typical SOAP based webservices. Webscripts has various advantages over webservices which makes them more popular among the developers and architects.

Some of the advantages are no complex specifications, lightweight, easy to understand, easy to debug, easy to maintain. Web Scripts allow you to develop entire web applications on Alfresco by using just a scripting language—JavaScript and a templating language—FreeMarker. They offer a lightweight framework for quickly developing even complex interfaces such as Alfresco Share Web Scripts can be used to develop Web Services for giving external applications access to the features of the Alfresco repository. Your Web Services, implemented according to the principles of the REST architectural style, can be easily reused by disparate, heterogeneous systems.

I will give you more details on how to create and use webscript in Alfresco in my upcoming articles so keep following my articles.

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