Warning About Tidypics Beta for Elgg 1.8

This article is about Tidypics beta for Elgg 1.8, which is still in development. There are some things you should know if you want to use the beta version of this plugin on your Elgg network.

What’s Tidypics?

Tidypics is a picture sharing plugin for Elgg. It was the best plugin for photo albums for Elgg 1.7 Currently is still in development. Alternatives for picture sharing is the files plugin that comes bundled with Elgg 1.8

First of all, you should not use any plugin that is on a beta stage, because it could be unstable and probably not provide good results. Not only that, it could have some security issues that have not been addressed yet and could affect the integrity of our servers. I’ve received questions from our Elgg users asking me about some issues they are getting with Tidypics in Elgg 1.8 You should not use it until is ready. Those were minor issues that I reported back to the developers.

Although it seems to work without any issues, we strongly recommend you not to use it.

If you really need a picture sharing solution you could either use the files plugin, or use the plugin hypeGallery which you can download from here: hypeGallery for Elgg 1.8

I will let you know when the official released of a stable version of Tidypics for Elgg 1.8 is ready. In the mean time, I will give a preview of how the plugin will look like in Elgg 1.8:

Creating an Album in Tidypics


Editing images description in Tidypics


Viewing an image in Tidypics

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Happy Hosting!

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4 Comments on Warning About Tidypics Beta for Elgg 1.8

  1. Fathi says:

    Sorry for the developers but I don’t recommend using Tidypics at all. I used it once and was happy, seeing i could make albums and share with colleagues. I have managed to make some users share photos they made when traveling for job.
    Later, when upgrading to a new version, i have lost all the photos and i was unable to find thelm even on webserver disc.
    I managed to make these friends to republish the photos again.
    Next time i upgraded Tidypics and lost the photos again, I disabled the plugin.
    Now, i am on a 1.8 elgg site, looking for a photo gallery plugin. I know ther is Tidypics but i am not going to install it any more.
    Maybe integrating elgg with zenphoto could be the best solution for me, as the later is stable and easy to manage even vi aftp.

    • Unfortunately, Tidypics has not further development so far. I understand your problems, Tidypics has yet to come up with a secure upgrade solution.

      Overall, Tidypics does the job. It needs a little bit of polishing, but it is very stable.

  2. Jorge Vargas says:

    I’m having problems also with Tidypics, that’s the reason because I would like to try Hype Gallery. But, I would like to know if anywhere I can find a way of how to use it…

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