Viewing the Visitor Index Page of Your phpFox Site

This article will focus on showing you how to view the visitor’s index page of your site, without logging out of your site.

When you are adding new features to the page that your site’s guests and members that are not logged in, you will find that by default, you cannot view the visitor index page…because you are logged in.  Instead of logging out, and logging back in, or at the very least, using an entirely different browser to view this page, there is an easier solution, adding this page to your menu so you can easily access it!

In order to add a link to your visitor index page to your menu, log into your AdminCP and select CMS > Add New Menu.

On the next page, choose Core for the Product and Module fields.  Select the menu that you want to add the link to, for this example I put the link on the Main menu.  The url for the visitor index page is core/index-visitor.  For the language pack, you can name this link whatever you want, Visitor works well for this example.  And finally, you will want to set the user groups that can view this menu.  For this example, I have it set only to allow the Administrator group to view the menu item.   When you have filled out the necessary fields and set the appropriate permissions, select Submit.

When you view your website, you should now see the new menu item at the end of the main menu.

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