View the Audit Log Information in WebSitePanel

Applied on: Windows (ASP) Hosting Plans with WebSitePanel

The audit log contains activities performed by WebSitePanel. The administrator of the control panel can read that log and be informed about the actions. They can then confirm that a scheduled task is running on the desire timetable.

Step 1. Log in to your WebSitePanel. Click on Audit Log from the left side menu.

Step 2. Step 1 will open page that looks like this:

Step 3. At the above page, you can see a few top activities of the current date. The definition of each column in the log is as below:

  • Severity – shows the type of activity (Warning/Information/Error).
  • Date – shows the date when the activity was performed.
  • Started – shows the time when the activity was started.
  • Finished – shows the time when the activity was finished.
  • Source – shows the source name of the performed activity.
  • Task – displays the activity description.
  • Item – shows the name of the resource for which the action was performed.
  • User – applicable if multiple users are in your Control Panel Account and to view the users.

You will have the following inputs to filter the log that is being shown:

  1. Date of activity – You can see only one day activity at a time.
  2. Severity
  3. Source
  4. Task
  5. Item Name

Each of the above inputs will refresh as per its previous input selection. After providing customization you can press the “Display Records” button to reflect result of your inputs over the shown audit log.  You may also click on each log record to display details in a small new window as shown below:

The audit log can be export to .csv file (as shown below) to read later:

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