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OpenCart store has many advance features which could probably give it an edge over other eCommerce stores. One of the feature which I comes across is Reporting. I mean may be most of other products out there might have that feature too but it should also be intuitive and easy enough to use.

In order to see reports in OpenCart you can follow these steps.

Step 1:

Login to Admin panel of OpenCart using administrator credential.

Step 2:

Go to Reports>Products section.

Step 3:

You can see there are many reports available on report list.

Viewed Products list, here you can get details about how many times products are viewed, what is the parentage of total times users have spend on particular product.


Based on above report store manager can identify high demanding products and can manage them accordingly. Probably focus more on those products compare to others.

ProductViewReport1This is report of all purchased happened across the store this is again giving store manager idea related to sells happening across  the store.


SalesOrderReportAbove report is related to sales happens for particulate period, based on this store manager can identify time period when sales are high or low and can device selling strategies accordingly.

Similarly, there are many other reports available like Tax,Shipping,Returns, Coupons etc…Hope this will be useful to all OpenCart users.

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