Very Easy and Low Budget Ways To Promote Affiliate Products Everyday!

I am going to go over some really easy and low budget ways to promote your websites or affiliate products on a daily basis. It’s just human instinct to want something for nothing.

1. Free Samples And Trials – As we go into fall, we start facing a lot of holidays here in the US and probably in most countries around the world. Now, is the perfect time to promoting free samples and trials.

2. Seasonal Promotions – Pretty much what I said above but starting outlining and implement seasonal promotions such as coupons, free trials, weekly trials, discounts etc..Basically, right now it is the time to be Mr. Nice Guy. These are the types of Affiliate deals you can structure SEO, PR and Social Media campaigns around for pretty cheap.

3. Reviews – They have been and always will be a staple in effective Web Marketing. It’s simple – people from all over the world are drawn to what others say about your product…more than they are of the product owner. Keep this in mind too as an affiliate! What a bite in the ass I know. But the sooner you realize and adapt your marketing and sales processes, the faster you can thank me. Create product reviews with product specifications, testimonials and case studies.

4. Inline Text Ads – A very under-talked but highly effective method for really cheap advertising in HTML Email Readers and Blogs. We talk more about this in the Private Forums.

5. Interviews – These days it pays to be social. Don’t go with anonymity. Why would you? Your competitors aren’t. Don’t be afraid to interview the product owners and/or creators. Get the owners of the product to provide you with useful content that answers to the common questions about the product.

6. Long Copy / Email Solo Ads – Oh heck yes. This is how I got started as an Emailer in CPA Advertising. Direct response emails can create some of the best sales and option conversion rates. Send emails to your own lists (you better be building them!), or you can also “arbitrage” and rent/purchase sole email ads.

7. Hash tags – If you’re not Hash tagging on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – I don’t know what’s wrong with you. It’s pretty simple here – You hashtag keywords and people click on them automatically – across all devices. Think SEO on steroids. The only optimization you have to do is put a single # in front of your keyword. Since we started hash tagging in the last month alone, we’ve increased our average unique hits to 400+ a day.

So there you have it. Very simple stuff that you could be doing to increase your sales. With some low budget ways to promote affiliate products you should see your numbers increase almost overnight!  :-)

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