Vanity Nameservers On Shared Linux Hosting

To set vanity nameservers on your shared Linux hosting account is a fairly easy evolution. Please keep in mind that you are not setting actual nameservers but masking Arvixe’s nameservers.

In your initial account information email look for a section titled Domain DNS Information. You should see an entry that looks like this:

Domain Name Server 1:
Domain Name Server 2:
Domain Name Server 1 IP:
Domain Name Server 2 IP:

Please keep in mind that this is for the server OKAPI and may not be representative of your server. If you have any questions about your server’s nameserver IPs please email us at support -at-

If your domain is registered with Arvixe, simply send a request to support to register your nameservers. To give the Support Team as much information as possible, provide them with the IPs for your server’s nameservers.

If your domain is not registered with Arvixe, log into your domain registrar and register and and assign the IPs from your server. You will need to contact your registrar for detailed information on how to do this.

Once you have registered your nameservers, allow up to 48 hours for the propagation to complete. During that time, you can log into your cPanel and go to the Advanced DNS Editor.

You will want to add two A Records. One for NS1 and point to the server’s nameserver IP for ns1 and one for NS2, pointing to the server’s nameser IP for ns2. (Please set the TTL to 14400).

Be sure to save each record.

After 48 hours you can then change your nameservers to your new vanity nameservers. and

Then when someone does a WHOIS search on your domain, your nameservers will show and not Arvixe’s.

As always, if you have any questions, you can contact Support at

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