Using the Dolphin 7 Email Template System

Hello and welcome, in today’s blog we will discuss the Dolphin 7 email template system. This system allows you edit any of the default Dolphin system emails, such as the “Profile Confirmed” email or the “Friend Request” email. By doing this, you are able to customize these messages and give your site a more personal feel.

We will start by logging into the Dolphin admin panel and clicking “Email Templates” under the “Settings” tab on the left side menu. Once there, you will see a list of all the templates available to customize.

Email templates in the Dolphin admin

Email templates in the Dolphin admin

In this example, we will change the “Profile Activation Message” email that a user receives when they confirm their profile. This is the first true correspondence from the site and is a great way to make a good first impression. It is also a chance to pass on any critical information about your site that you feel a new user needs to know.

Click the template you want to edit and you will see the actual HTML code that is sent when the corresponding action is triggered.

Selecting a template to edit

Selecting a template to edit

For your convenience, there are also several variables you can use in these templates. Some of the more useful ones are:






You can place any of these in the email template and they will automatically be replaced by relevant information when the message is sent to the user.

When you are done, just click “Save” at the bottom of the screen. That is it, your edits are saved and your members will feel that extra little personal touch. Until next time, happy social networking!

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