How to Use the Dolphin 7.1 Host Tools

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the Dolphin 7.1 “Host Tools”, what they are and how to use them. The tools can be accessed in admin by clicking “Host Tools” under “Tools” on the left column menu.

The tools are divided into 4 sections:


This is a basic list of the Dolphin requirements and it will also show if your server meets these requirements. Most of these settings can be changed in the php.ini if they show as being non-compliant. The “site optimization” section can be ignored as it is not required for Dolphin to function.

Dolphin 7.1 Host Tools Audit

Dolphin 7.1 Host Tools Audit


This section shows if all the Dolphin files and folders have the correct permissions. This section comes in handy if you have moved to a new server or have inadvertently changed any permissions.

Dolphin Host Tools Permissions

Dolphin Host Tools Permissions


This section simply displays the “phpinfo” function of php. It is useful is seeing all the php settings for your server.

Dolphin 7.1 Host Tools phpinfo

Dolphin 7.1 Host Tools phpinfo

That’s it, you now have a better understanding of the Dolphin Host Tools. Until next time, happy social networking!

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