WordPress: Using SEO pack to have your blog show up in Search Engines

For those who would like their WordPress blogs to come up as a result in Google, or other search engines, this tutorial will teach you how to use the ‘All in One SEO pack’ feature offered by WordPress. This feature enables you to type in the appropriate title and short description for your blog as you’d want it to show up in Google.  The SEO pack is actually a plugin of WordPress, but usually comes with the new WordPress.

To begin, start on the page where you edit and manage your blog. Once you are there. scroll about about 3/4 down the page to the tab that reads ‘All in One SEO pack’.  Click on that, and a page with room for you to put your desired title and description will open downwards.

The example I used on my screen shot is the tutorial for Configuring Permalinks. Notice that the title is not the same as the name of the post. Once you have put a title, you can also add a description and keywords that people will see under your title, like most Google links.

Once you see your post on google as shown above, you have successfully utilized the SEO pack

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