Using PDF Import on Silex

Welcome to the PDF Import!

Click on the link below to download PDF Import Plugin. You’ll also find on this page all the information needed to install and configure this plugin.

1. Name your publication (in Publication name field)


Note: this name will appear in the URL of your publication.

2. Select your PDF

There are 2 options:

* the wanted pdf is already in the list so you only have to select it

* the wanted pdf is not in the list so you have to upload it


To do so:

▪                click on « Upload a PDF »

▪                click on « Parcourir… »

▪                choose your pdf

▪                confirm by clicking on « open »

▪                and then click on upload.

When it’s done, the following message appears: Upload Successful

3. Select your template in the given list


Note: at this step of use of the pdf import, you are not able to add a template to the list. You can only use templates that already figure in the list.

4. (Optional) Advanced settings

In advanced settings you have the possibility to change the default parameters. We will focus here only on 5 of them. The parameters that are not mentioned don’t precise to be changed or field.


▪                Use as: allows you to choose the format (swf or jpg) in which one the pages of the pdf will be extracted in

▪                Whole document: you choose to import all the pages of your PDF

▪                Specified range: you choose to import only a part / few pages of your pdf; part that you must specify in « First page to extract » and « Last page to extract »

▪                Has cover: don’t uncheck this box

▪                Has double pages: by default, your pdf is extracted in a double pages mode – this mode is adapted for almost the whole existing templates.
 If you uncheck this box, your pdf will be extracted according to a simple pages mode. That is very useful for a pdf in landscape format. But if you choose this option, your template must be adapted to it.

▪                First Silex page to include into: it corresponds to the page number of your template from which one the extracted pdf will be start.

When you have changed the wanted parameters click on « Confirm »

5. Click on “Import”

Just wait during the process (only few seconds but it can take more time depending on the weight of your pdf)

6. Your flipbook is ready!

Just click on the « access publication » link to access to your publication.

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