Using nice sliders in WordPress

Chances are, in your design, that you will use a slider, even if there is some noise that says sliders are not good for SEO most designers feel that the site can show quick and different content in the same space.
It is a common use lately, and most of the clients will agree to have one, so, how do you have one?

You can have sliders or carousels within the theme you will use, or you can hace 3rd party sliders that you can add to your site.

Within the themes

I am not going to talk about the theme itself, or the design, I will show some free themes that can have a slider, but obviously You can google for more options.

Oxygen from Alien WP looks quite simple with nice features the slider it is used in the Home page, and it will feature the content in your site.
Triton from Tocwfiq i – they have lots of free themes with nice sliders.
Also SiteOrigin had great themes that use nice sliders.

The most important thing on a slider is that let you show any content you want to show, that may be, Images, from a folder, from a post, from pages, or content, not just images, but also a little bit more from the posts or pages you intent to show. And there will be some cases that you might need 3rd party sliders, there are free, but most of the better one are premium.

Third party Sliders.

Meta Slider.
Easy to use WordPress slider plugin. Create SEO optimised responsive slideshows with Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider and Responsive Slides. Great Features, great reviews, a solid and updated slider. They have a free version and a pro version, you can test the free one and if you feel that may need some other features you can always update to pro.

Easing Slider
Easing Slider is an easy to use slider plugin. Simple and lightweight, is makes creating beautiful WordPress sliders a breeze. Is not that updated like Meta Slider, it has 8 months old the last version but has great features, the backend editor is visual so you can easily see the style that you are trying to customize

Smooth Slider
It looks promising but has some bad reviews, I didn’t test it so far, so I can not fully recommend it, they have a free version so you can test it without problems and if does not work for you uninstall.
Like the rest of the plugins you can use it to show posts, categories, pages and dynamic content.

Así you can se there are many choices to have a slider displayed on your site, you can also use premium plugins like Smart Slider 2 from Extend (they are reportedly working on a new version with huge new features) or Revolution Slider That I did’t review them here since you have to pay for it with out any download Demo.

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