Using IDN Conversion Tool in WebsitePanel

In this article, I will explain about the new tool available on WebSitePanel which is the IDN conversion tool.websitepanel idn conversion tool
What is IDN?

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names represented by local language characters. The domain name with local language characters second level is followed “.com” or “.net”. An example would IDN: cañ (punycode:

How “IDN Conversion Tool” works?

When working with a domain name that contains international characters (not ASCII), you need to convert the domain name into “punycode” before entering it in the DNS server. The IDN conversion tool lets you visually convert special characters to a name in ASCII characters, making compatible with the Internet Standards.

To access the “IDN Conversion Tool” go to menu “Account -> IDN Conversion Too;”. Enter the domain that you need to change, and click on convert to get the new domain:


If you need assistance with this new tool available on WebsitePanel, drop a comment and I will gladly help you!

This concludes Using IDN Conversion Tool in WebsitePanel

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Happy Hosting!

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6 Comments on Using IDN Conversion Tool in WebsitePanel

  1. Robert- key says:

    Very helpful post thanks Rodolfo keep up the good work

  2. deniz says:

    How can I get IDN Conversion Tool. is it yours application. Can you help me.


  3. deniz says:

    I have admin account in wsp bu cannot activate IDN Conversion Tool. Please can you tell what I need to do step by step. Thanks for your reply

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