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When you run a business online many tasks can be automated and linked to your website. However, to contact and manage your clients it is a good idea to implement a CRM (Or Customer Relationship Management software).

You can start with linking your website with one of the best CRM software out there, like Salesforce. There is a plugin called ”

WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM” Salesforce is probably the most widely known CRM solution around. Used by businesses large and small, it’s a powerhouse option with slick design and robust functionality. One of Salesforce’s major advantages is that everything is stored in the cloud, so you can access it via web or mobile. This plugin allows you to gather information, leads, contacts, through your WordPress and send that information straight to Salesforce, sounds good until you see the prices in the salesforce side. The plugin is free, but you still need a salesforce meembership.
Same happens with Sugar CRM, and Vtiger

There are some “native” options like WP-CRM, This plugin stores contacts in your WordPress user database. You have the ability to add contacts manually or capture them automatically through a lead generation form on your website. It is free, and you can edit the lead forms to match your needs. It integrates also with the same developer plugin call WP-Invoices

There is also, an option to manager your WooCommerce clients, it is a plugins that needs WooCommenrce, and it helps you organize your interaction with your WC clients, it is a premium plugin that you can find in Code Canyon. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager
In addition to having a place for the usual contact management information, this plugin lets you track orders, add customer notes, send email and even make calls from the WordPress admin. You can pull up a contact, add a new call task to their file, and place the call from the contact record. It even has a call timer if you want to analyze your call data. Is not free, and in the last year it went from $19 to $59, so… I am not sure about the cost/feature price range here.

The last one in the list is a plugin called Ukuupeople The declare to be the simple CRM, and you can track every interaction, build your emails list, schedule meetings, create tasks, and add attachments to any interaction, it is pretty interesting, and is also kind of new, it is free, at least from now, and you might want to take a look at it before make a decision.

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