Users and User Preferences in Alfresco

In this article we are going to discuss users that are stored in Alfresco CMS. For any CMS, it is equally important to manage users and groups within it along with contents stored in the CMS. Alfresco also has that capability where users and group of users can be created and we can configure permissions on content based on those sets of users or individual user. We had discussed about security model which is in place in this previous post.

Main agenda of this post is to describe how users are stored and managed in alfresco.

Where Users are stored?

Users are stored in user store with in alfresco. If you want to check details about all users existing in repository you can check that by as follow.

  • Login as Admin in alfresco share


  • Go to Admin Console >Node Browser
  • Select User Store from select store drop down as show in figure
User Store Reference in Alfresco

User Store Reference in Alfresco

  • Navigate inside by clicking on userstore link shown below references
  • Go to System>people>users inside that hierarchy by clicking in children link from each screen.
  • You will reach to users screen as shown below where you will be able to see all repository users.
User Store in Alfresco

User Store in Alfresco

  • If you want to check details of any particular user click on link and you will be able to see details as shown below for “tempimp” user.
User Details in Alfresco

User Details in Alfresco

Where user preferences are stored?

Users in Alfresco can have some preferences remembered by the application, for example you can “star” a site to mark it as a favorite site or mark a document with “Like”. But where are these values stored?

User Preferences for site

User Preferences for site

User preferences are stored in files in the content store. To see the URL where the file is and to read the contents use the Node Browser

  • Select workspace://SpacesStore from select store dropdown
  • Go inside System->People->”User Name” as you had done earlier
  • Under properties there is an entry for: “{}preferenceValues” and the value is the URL for the document containing the user preferences
User Preference Link in Alfresco

User Preference Link in Alfresco

  • To display the user preference click in the content URL link and a page will display the contents, for example:


This is how you can get all the details regarding user and their preferences. This information help developers in development administrator to check availability of users and many more ways.


Node Browser

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