User article Management in Joomla Frontend

The publishing tools come pre-installed in Joomla are very powerful and allows you to manage user permissions among other things. There is however a better and more flexible way to manage users. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to improve user article management in Joomla.

  1. Download the User Article Manager Component for Joomla 3.
    • The User Article Manager is a component which gives users the ability to create, edit and publish items from a list of articles displayed in the front end of your Joomla Site.
  2. Log into Joomla as an Administrator:joomla login
  3. Go to menu “Extensions -> Extension Manager” and install the User Article Manager Component:joomla menu extensionsuploading extension joomlaUAM installed joomla
  4. After installing it, go to menu “Components -> User Article Manager”:components settings uam joomla
  5. Click on the ‘Options’ button to start configuring the User Article Manager component. Set “New article button” to “Show” and “Link for a new article” to “Use Joomla! Default”:joomla uam settings componentuam options joomla
  6. And that’s it! Users will be able to manage their own articles, and not others! Similar to what WordPress does with guest authors:uam in action joomla article management arvixe tutorials

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