Use Your $100 Voucher to Get Started With Google AdWords

Do you have a $100 Google voucher burning a hole in your pocket? Are you looking to advertise your business or website on Google for the first time? If your answer to either or both of those questions was a ‘yes’ then follow these simple steps on how to redeem your $100 voucher through Arvixe and get started with your first Google AdWords paid search campaign!

Redeem Your Google AdWords $100 Voucher
To redeem your Google AdWords $100 voucher code you’ll need to log into your Arvixe Billing Account. Once you’re logged in you’ll want to click the link at the bottom of the right sidebar that says Free Google AdWords Credit.

Google AdWords $100 Voucher

After clicking the link you will see the voucher redemption page. Click the blue ‘Issue Voucher‘ button to generate your AdWords voucher and you’re ready to set up your advertising campaign. Remember, in order to have the $100 in free advertising applied to your AdWords campaign you will need to spend $25. Once the first $25 dollars is spent the voucher code will be automatically applied to your account.

Google AdWords $100 Voucher

Create Your Google Account
EDIT 7/6/2013: You must create a completely new AdWords account for your voucher to work. If you have previously ran campaigns through AdWords you will not be able to use your voucher unless a new account is created.

The first step in the process is to create a Google account. This will allow you to log into Google AdWords and manage your campaign. You have two options:

  1. Create a brand new Google account with an address
  2. Use an existing email address to log into Google AdWords

Create A Google Account

Create Your First Campaign
Once you’ve created your Google Account you’ll want to log into AdWords to create your first campaign. You’ll be directed to the ‘Welcome to AdWords!’ page and can choose to create your first campaign or learn more by watching the ‘Getting Started with Google AdWords’ video. Click the button that says to create your first campaign.

Create A Google AdWords Campaign

Choose the Type of Your Campaign
On the next page you’ll want to name your campaign, but before doing so choose the type of campaign you would like to create. You have three options to choose from:

  1. Search & Display Networks
  2. Search Network Only
  3. Display Network Only

You can learn more about the campaign type that is right for you by visiting Google’s support page, which describes in full detail the difference between the network types listed above. In this example, I’m going to choose Search Network Only and check the bubble for All features. Once you choose your campaign type you’ll want to scroll down and adjust the campaign settings to your liking.

Choosing A Campaign Type

Networks: If you’re just starting out with your paid search campaign you’ll probably want to keep this setting checked to include search partners.

Desktops & laptops, mobile devices and tablets: Google recommends choosing all available devices for new advertisers. You can get into more advanced targeting once you’re comfortable running your campaign.

Locations: Choosing your targeted location is very important. You don’t want to target the United States by accident and deplete your budget completely within the first hours of going live with your advertising campaign. What I recommend is selecting Let me choose… then the advanced search link. You can enter a location or a specific radius around a certain location you wish to target. Remember, you can exclude locations as well.

Networks, Devices, and Location

Bidding and Budget: As a more advanced user I usually choose to manually set my bids for clicks. If you choose this option over letting AdWords setting your bids for you, make sure to set your default bid high enough so that your Ads are appearing anywhere in the top 4 positions in Google (these positions will generally generate the best CTRs and conversions depending on your vertical). You won’t know what position your Ad is appearing until your campaign is running and has generated impressions.

The default bid is how much you’re willing to pay (at most) per click on your Ad. The budget is how much total dollars you are willing to spend in a given day. Keep in mind that it is possible for Google to spend 20% over your daily spend limit.

Delivery Method: By default the standard delivery method is marked. This ensures that your ads will show evenly over time. However, if you find that you’re having a tough time spending out your daily budget you may want to switch your campaign settings to Accelerated.

Google AdWords: Bidding and Delivery Method

Ad Extensions: Creating Ad Extensions for your campaign will help boost your CTR. You have quite a few extensions to choose from—you can use all of them if you want! Choose what makes the most sense for the goals and objectives of your campaign. Here a few examples of extensions below:

Google AdWords: Ad Extensions

Advanced Settings: Be sure to set the start date of your campaign if you have a date out into the future that you wish your campaign to go live on. You can also choose to set an end date if you wish for your campaign to run for a limited time period.

After click save and continue you’ll be prompted to set up your first AdGroup. We’re going to skip the AdGroup creation in this article and skip over to showing you how to apply your $100 Google Voucher.

How to Apply Your $100 Google Voucher
Now that you’ve created your first campaign you’ll want to click on the Billing link in the navigation. After doing so, click Billing Preferences in the drop down menu.

Setup AdWords Billing Preferences

After you click the Continue button you’ll want to choose if you want to make automatic or manual payments. On this page you will also enter your $100 voucher promotion code. Located near the bottom you’ll see the text Do you have a promotion code?. Click the Enter it here link to enter your promotion code and have the $100 applied to your campaign.

Apply Google Promotion Code

After entering in your billing information and promotion code you can click Continue. On the next page agree to the Terms and Conditions, click Submit and activate my account, and you’ll be on your way towards running your paid search campaign!

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4 Comments on Use Your $100 Voucher to Get Started With Google AdWords

  1. Sam Bressi says:

    Please update this post to make it clear that these promotional codes are only usable if you’ve never advertised *any* website using your Google/Gmail account. The sentence that reads “Are you looking to advertise your business or website on Google for the first time?” makes it appear as if you could use this voucher if you’ve never advertised a specific website in the past. But in reality, after speaking with Google’s AdWords team, the vouchers are only good if you’ve never used AdWords under your specific email address before, even if it was for a website that was never hosted with Arvixe or anything.

    Step 1 says “Use an existing email address to log into Google AdWords” but you should really make it clear that it has to be a completely new AdWords account, regardless of if the email address is new or existing. Just thought I’d point this out so other people don’t spend $25 only to have their promotional code rejected by Google.

  2. Sam,

    My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I hope that you were able to resolve the issue through Google support and redeem your voucher. I have updated that section of the post. I appreciate you taking the time to inform myself and the Arvixe team with your comment!

    In the meantime, I will be reaching out to Google and see if we can get that restriction removed for our customers.

    Again, thanks for your comment and making me aware of this!

    All the best,


  3. Mike Bush says:

    This voucher isn’t worth much. I just created a Google AdWords account and when I applied my code provided by Arvixe I discovered that I’d have to spend $25 of my own money before the $100 credit would be applied to my account. That’s not very appealing, so I canceled my Google AdWords account.

    • Alex says:


      I am sorry to hear that you’re not interested in the voucher. That is one limitation of the ad words voucher and would apply to every company offering it.

      That being said, if you’re just starting out with Google AdWords, using the promotion would be a great addition to evaluate if the return on investment is worthwhile. After all, you’re only putting in $25 instead of the full $125 you would get in AdWords.


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