US Digital Advertising Set To Spend $42 Billion in 2014

eMarketer (One heck of a learning hub for marketers) recently released their new report detailing that Digital Ad Spending in the US will rise from $36.80 Billion (last-year), to $42.26 accounting for 24.7% of TOTAL media ad spending this year.

Want to take a guess where the growth is coming from?

Mobile. Of course. The growth is largely due to the increase in mobile spending in the last few months, which is now expected to hit 8.51 billion this year, compared to a previous estimation of $7.65 billion.

Check out these figures below that show a slight increase from eMarketers June forecast which predicted that marketers would spend $41.94 billion this year on advertising appears on desktop platforms as well as laptop, mobile and other connected devices.


Furthermore, 22.1% of 2013’s overall U.S. digital search spending will be on mobile and, by 2017, that figure will rise to almost 60%, according to the latest forecast.

In 2014, digital ad spending is expected to reach $47.58 billion, up 12.6% over 2013. By 2017, it will reach $61.35 billion.

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