Three Ways to Upload Database to Linux Server

Here are three ways you can upload your database to your Linux server.


You can upload your database through PhPMyAdmin by first logging into cPanel, click on “PhpMyAdmin”, and click your database on the left side (This is after you create your databases. Click on this link on how to create a database and username for MYSQL, click “Import” and you have 105MB limit.


Bigdump is a script where you can import more than 105MB limit for your database from either your computer or through FTP.

You can download the script for Bigdump here:
You can view the website here:

First, before anything, as it says on their website:


After you download the script and extract bigdump so it becomes bigdump.php, you can either drag it to your FTP where the folder is where your database is in and put bigdump.php in there (BIGDUMP.PHP NEEDS TO BE WITH THE DATABASE FILE IN THE SAME DIRECTORY OR IT WON’T WORK) or upload the database from your computer and upload it to your server.

If you’re using FTP and your databases is already in the directory you want it to be in along with bigdump.php, go to or (If you have bigdump.php in a directory such as “test” inside of public_html, then you do and you replace your domain with


A lot of people use SSH also to import the database through there as it’s easy. First, you need SSH Access. Please contact Support [AT], visit us on Live Chat or call us at 1-888-927-8943 to request SSH access and we’ll gladly give you it.

After you get SSH access, you can use PuTTY to access SSH. You can download Putty here:

Click How to connect to SSH via PuTTY.

Once you connect to SSH, go to your respective directory where you uploaded your database (Make sure you created your databases already), then do the following command:


That command means you’re putting the database that’s in the respective directory into the database you set up in cPanel.

It will prompt you for the password, type the database password there. Depending on how big your database is, it can take time to import. Once it’s done, you’ll see it go back to the directory you were in.

This concludes on uploading your database to your server in three ways!

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