How to Upgrade Your phpFox Website

This article will focus on the steps you need to take to successfully upgrade your phpFox installation.

phpFox offers a new stable version every few months with the new development cycle they have put in place.  It is important to understand that although you may want to upgrade immediately to take advantage of the newer and better features in the new release, you will likely want to wait a week or more, to make sure that the developers of the addons and templates you have purchased have released their updates.

Before you start, you will need to download all the updated addons, themes, and phpFox script files that you need for your site.  It will save time and stress to be organized and have all these files on hand when you are ready to start the upgrade process.

Step 1: Set Site To Offline Mode

Next, you will want to set your site to Offline.  This will keep your members from being able to access the website.  You do not want your members to be able to upload photos, videos, make status updates, write blogs, or anything else while you are doing the upgrade.

In your admincp go to Menu > Settings > Manage Settings

On the Manage Settings screen, select Site Offline/Online.

The Site Offline/Online feature has 3 settings you can edit.  The most important is the first, set this to True when you are ready to put your site in offline mode.

Step 2: Backup Your Site

You want to create a backup of your site at this time, just in case there is an issue with the upgrade, or you realize that one of your addons is not working correctly.  With a backup done, you can revert the site back to where it was right before you started the upgrade process.  Please see the article on Creating a Backup of Your phpFox Website

Step 3: Upload the newest phpFox files

You need to upload all the files and directories in the upload directory of the zip file you downloaded from the phpFox website.  You will want to select overwrite for all files when you are prompted.

Step 4:  Install the Upgrade

Once all the files have been uploaded, point your browser to  Fill out all information that the installer asks for, and sit and watch the upgrade take place.  The installer will inform you when it is finished upgrading your website.

Step 5:  Install Upgraded Addons & Themes

You will need to follow the install/upgrade instructions that come with each of your addons and templates.

Step 6:  Check Site & Create New Backup

Visit all the pages of your website to make sure that everything looks the way it should.  Test the core modules and the addons to make sure that they function correctly.  Create a new backup of all the site files, as well as the database.  I suggest keeping the “before” backup, just in case you find something that is broken that you missed in your site check.

Step 7:  Set Site to Online Mode.

In the Site Offline/Online settings page, make sure to set the site back to Online mode by changing the first setting back to True.

Step 8:  Success!

You have successfully upgraded your phpFox website!

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