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Softaculous is a website package installer that can be used to automatically install and update a bunch of packages like Textpattern CMS, WordPress, Moodle and many more. With the release of Textpattern version 4.5.7, Softaculous have updated their packaged version and websites running older versions of Textpattern maintained by Softaculous are now ready to upgrade.

The process of upgrading is very straightforward and quick. The first indication you’ll see that Softaculous is ready to upgrade or update your package(s) is a notification on your Arvixe control panel:


Whether you’re doing this for Textpattern or another package (hi there, WordPress _et al_), you are recommended to take an up-to-date backup of your files and database(s). This is common sense, and should be considered an insurance policy of sorts. Softaculous is, in my experience, reliable and smooth-running. That said, computer software of any origin can be fickle and it’s far better to have a backup you won’t use than be scratching around trying to rescue an out-of-date backup from the archives. Take backups, and don’t put them off.

When your backups are known to be good, it’s time to start the upgrade process. This will be a short task, and you have the benefit of not having to upload the new files from your location to the web server; all the work takes place on the server itself, which benefits from a bunch of processing power and memory, plus a high speed connection to the Internet.

Clicking or tapping on the Softaculous Apps Installer note will take you to the section of the Softaculous interface showing the package(s) that can be upgraded:


With the changes in Textpattern version 4.5.7, I recommend you upgrade at your earliest convenience. Locate the blue circling arrows toward the right:


Clicking or tapping the blue arrows will initiate the upgrade process. You will be asked to confirm some specifics:


That all checks out for my site, so it’s time to upgrade. Click or tap Upgrade and the upgrade will take place. It’ll be quick. It was so fast for me that I didn’t have time to grab a screenshot. At the end of the process you’ll be shown a confirmation and have the option to tweet a message to your Twitter buddies that you’ve upgraded Textpattern:


You’re all done. Easy, right?

Thanks for reading this series of articles on the new things in Textpattern 4.5.7. Next time I’ll be showing you how to do local development on Textpattern while you develop a site on your own computer. I hope you can join me.

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