Upgrade Your TomatoCart Store from v1.1.8.6 to v1. Through Three Patches

There are several problems need to be fixed in your v1.1.8.6 store. You just need to apply following patches for your store.

[Problem 1]

In Bootstrap template, even I managed to make the price and picture change according to different selections, I just found TC only add the default item into shopping carts no matter what you choose

Reason of the problem:

The variants elements aren’t got in the product info page of the bootstrap template.


Please download following patch to fix it.

Download the patch > www.dropbox.com/s/ln4cwzbvn5gkxer/github%23211.zip

Afterwards, please unzip the patch and copy the includes and templates directories into your TomatoCart root directory.

Note: you need to override directories and files if your copy process request confirmation. Don’t worry about it. It will not impact other sections of your store.

[Problem 2]

For the whislist:

If you add a product with variant A, you can’t add the same product with variant B. So you can add as many products with variants, but only if you choose one variant of that product, you can’t add that same product again with different variants.

For the compare

This had a strange behavior with variants:

In product info, when you don’t choose a variant when there are variants and you click on the compare, no variant comes with it.

In the product listing the behaviour is also strange.


Now, it is possible to add the variants products into the wishlist and compare products. Please apply the following patch for your current store running the v1.1.8.6.

Step 1. Download the patch at www.dropbox.com/s/ektgucxzr0vp4s8/patch%23202.zip
Step 2. Unzip the patch and copy the following folds into your tomatocart root directory:

— includes
— templates
— install

Note: you need to override directories and files if your copy process request confirmation.

Step 3. Add a new language definition under admin panel > definitions > languages as follow:


Step 4. Run the following sql in your database manage tool in your host cpanel:

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS toc_wishlists_products; 
CREATE TABLE toc_wishlists_products ( 
  wishlists_products_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, 
  wishlists_id int(11) NOT NULL, 
  products_id_string varchar(255) NOT NULL, 
  date_added datetime NOT NULL, 
  comments text NOT NULL, 
  PRIMARY KEY  (wishlists_products_id) 

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS toc_wishlists_products_variants;

Note: please replace the toc_ prefix with your own table prefix.

Glass Gray Template – In the product listing page






Glass Gray Template –  In the product info page




[Bootstrap Template]




[Problem 3]

I have a question.
In TC1.1.8.6/ template Bootstrap when you write in the search box a word that matches the product goes a popup window, and they sent to the bottom of the page and there you show available products continue button. This way you should be?

[Reason of the problem]

Several line css code wasn’t updated for the minified css.


Please download a patch for it at www.dropbox.com/s/lidp3jmk7jmtvrc/patch%23auto_completer.zip

Then, you just need to unzip and put the templates fold into your TomatoCart root directory. Please just override it when your copy process request confirmation.

That’s it.

If you can’t upgrade your store by yourself, please just contact support@tomatocart.com to get technical support. We will provide free technical support service for the Arvixe users.

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