Updating and Installing Application Installer Packs on DotNetPanel

The goal of this post is to simply outline the steps of installing and updating/upgrading Application Installer Packs on DotNetPanel. That includes application installers for Joomla 1.5 , DotNetNuke 5.0 , etc. These steps must be done by the server administrator. Here are the simple steps to follow, after logging in remotely from the Windows server if not local.

1) Navigate to http://forum.dotnetpanel.com/files/folders/application_installer_packs_220_above/default.aspx

2) Using the search box on the top right, search for the application you are planning on installing or updating.

3) Then, just follow the instructions on the page of the installer. For example, the one for DotNetNuke 5.0 worked like a charm:

1) Copy content of zip to C:\DotNetPanel

2) Add the following code to “Content Management Systems” section of C:\DotNetPanel\Enterprise Server\WebApplications\Applications.xml

<application name=”DotNetNuke5″ />

You might need to restart the Enterprise Server and Portal for changes to take effect.

Feel free to post any questions you may have.

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