Upcoming Products/Products Expected Don’t Work?

Sometimes you could have all the settings for the upcoming products right in the admin panel while it still doesn’t work at store front as expected, described as below:

Description from the community user:
I have tried installing the Upcoming Products module under Template Modules->Content and left all setting as default. I then added the Upcoming Products module under Template Modules Layout->Content, then I changed the Date Available for a few products to a future date, and then under Catalog->Products Expected, I see my upcoming products expected listed normally, I just don’t see the upcoming product module appearing in the frontend.

What is it caused by?
It is caused by cache. When you’ve added new product or edited existing products, with cache uncleared, the product module could remain the same as before – without any upcoming products at all.

What’s the solution?
Download the package at the following url address:
Unzip, find admin, includes and templates directories and copy them into the web root directory where the TomatoCart solution is installed. Override the original directories.

The data of the upcoming products content module will then be updated automatically when the product is saved or edited. In this way, if you set date available field for the product, the content of the module will be changed. In addition, the layout of the module is improved too.

upcoming products not work


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