Understanding the Textpattern `yield` tag


Textpattern CMS structural tags help with the overall content structure of the site, and can be used to automate the presentation of material to the browser. In my previous article, I explained about the delightfully-simple `output_form` tag, along with a couple of examples of how to use it. For my fifth and final piece about structural tags, the subject is the Textpattern `yield` tag.

It essentially transforms `output_form` from a single tag into a container tag, and the `yield` part will return the contents of the container. Here’s a reminder of how `output_form` does its thing in its guise as a single tag:

<txp:output_form name="information" />

Simply, it processes the form given and outputs it to the browser where appropriate. Now, `yield` comes into play when `output_form` becomes a container tag. Consider this form referenced above — information — and it has the following (deliberately simple) content:

This is static content in the miscellaneous form called 'information'.
<txp:yield />

The magic with `yield` happens when the single tag becomes a container, like this:

<txp:output_form name="information" />
…and this text is what's inside the container tag.

The output will be:

This is static content in the miscellaneous form called 'information'. …and this text is what's inside the container tag.

I’ve known about this tag since its introduction 5+ years ago. It’s a tag I’ve never had to use on a production website, but one that might tick a box for you.

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