Understanding the Dolphin 7 Member Moderation Options

Hello and welcome! Today I am going to explain the somewhat cryptic Dolphin 7 member moderation options. To get to these options, login to your Dolphin 7 admin menu and click “Moderation Settings” under the “Settings” section on the left side menu.

The member moderation menu

The member moderation menu

You will see that there are 3 options to choose from:

Automatic profile activation after joining

This option is to give the site owner the choice of manually approving every new member. If the option is NOT checked, then all new members will stay in the “approval” state until you manually approve them. If this option IS checked then you will not have to approve the new member, BUT if option 3 is unchecked, the new member will still have to confirm their email address before becoming active.

Automatic profile activation

Automatic profile activation

Do not change profile status after editing profile information

This option is to prevent someone from joining your site, being approved, then changing their profile to include advertising or something offensive. It also stops someone from confirming their email and then changing it to a non-working one. If this box is unchecked, a member will have to be re-approved any time they update their profile. If it IS checked, then they are able to change it as many times as they wish and their status does not change.

Do not change profile status after updates

Do not change profile status after updates

Automatic profile confirmation without Confirmation email

This option allows members to become active without confirming their email address.

Activation without email confirmation

Activation without email confirmation

Here are a few combinations and how they would work:

All 3 options checked: A member can join and begin using the site immediately without confirming their email or being confirmed by you. They can change their profile as many times as they wish and their status would remain unchanged. This is basically no member moderation at all and would probably encourage spammers to join.


Options 1 and 2 checked: A new member would have to confirm their email once before becoming active. Once active they could change their profile as many times as they wished.


Options 2 and 3 checked: New members would be manually approved by you but would not have to approve their email or be re-approved after changing their profile.


As you can see these 3 options allow you to choose which configuration would be best for your site and your members. It is up to you how strict or flexible your joining process becomes. Until next time, thanks for reading!

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