Understanding the Boonex Dolphin License Structure

Hello and welcome! In today’s article, I’m going to explain the Boonex Dolphin license structure. There are 4 different license tiers, each having its own advantages.


This is the default way Dolphin is installed. Nothing is restricted and you have the freedom to add or change anything on the site EXCEPT the Boonex footer at the bottom of every page.


This is the same as the free license with the only difference being you CAN remove the Boonex footer from the bottom of your site. This is a lifetime license and is good for all future versions of Dolphin. It also comes with a one year membership to the Boonex website.


This is the same as the permanent license with a few added features. The one year membership to Boonex is a PREMIUM membership which allows you to get discounts on “mods” and even sell “mods” of your own. You also get the mobile app which can be customized for your site. Last but not least you get one professional installation of Dolphin.


This is the same as the prime license except it is good for 3 sites. That includes 3 mobile apps also. 3 installations are included and also a server audit.

That’s it, you now have a better understanding of the Dolphin license structure. All these licenses can be purchased on the Boonex website. Until next time, happy social networking!

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