Trusted Users and Reports in Elgg

On a previous article I showed some tools that you can use for moderating your elgg network. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to use two of those tools (Trusted Users and Trusted Reports) and fight automated spammers.

Trusted Spam Reports for Elgg 1.8

This plugin that was developed by a community member, you can download it here.

This plugin can report content as spam via a new link in the entity menu.  When a post gets enough user reports, the post disables itself.  Administrators can see what was disabled due to spam, and who reported it.  They can then unmark it as spam, or delete it, or just leave it as disabled. Additionally when the content gets disabled the owners of the reported content will get a strike against them, if they get too many strikes in too short of a time period they will be banned.

This plugin depends on another component, Trusted Users for Elgg 1.8, which is designed to be used as a dependency for other plugins that build functions specifically for trusted users.


This is a screenshot of the settings page of “Trusted Users for Elgg 1.8”, where you can configure which users are trusted.


With Trusted User Spam Reports, you can configure: How many reports required to disable the content or Number of reported spam objects to trigger banning a user.

3I hope these tips can help, and avoid annoying spammers.

This concludes Fighting spam in Elgg.

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Happy Hosting!

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