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Choose your LanguageThere are two principle forms of offering a translated ocPortal website. These are:

  • Utilising the Google translate block
  • Installing a translation of the software and writing multiple language copies of each piece of content

Using the Google Translate block

The simplest way of offering a translated website is to install the Google Translate block which will use Google translate to translate your website content. This option is not perfect as it replies on the automatic translation from Google which doesn’t always translate 100% correct. However this will give an approximation of the meaning of the content. It also allows for easier navigation around your website for someone whose first language isn’t English.

To install the block

  • Navigate to the addons page within your adminzone which is in the structure section.
  • Scroll down and click import non-bundled addons
  • Select Google translate which is under the Translation part of the addons tree.
  • Click Import Non- Bundled addons
  • Check the list of files which will be added and if you are happy it won’t break anything you’ve edited manually click proceed at the bottom.
  • Navigate to where you want the Google translate block options to display on your website.
  • Choose where you want the block to display. This will be in a side panel in most cases.
  • Click edit the panel/zone
  • You will now have to choose the language for the edit screen
  • Select the language you want and click proceed
  • When you get to the edit screen paste the following code in where you want the block to appear:


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save

Offering a full translated website

ocPortal offers a community driven translation system for the software. As ocPortal is a constantly developing Content management system the translation of the software is also constantly changing.  This type of translation is handled using a system called Launchpad and allows anyone to be involved in translating the software.

Rather than duplicate what is already written on how this type of translation works there is a post here:

If you would like to be involved in Translating ocPortal the launchpad page for ocPortal can be found here:

Once you arrive on that page you will need to expand the number of languages shown. To do this, find where it says ‘view all languages’ in the bottom right of the screen. Once you click that you will see the full list of languages which ocPortal is translated to or partially translated to. Select the language you want. For this example I have chosen Dutch. As you can see from the following screenshot Dutch has some sections finished and some not fully completed.

partial Translation

Choose one of the areas which are not fully completed. You will need to be logged in to contribute and any changes are reviewed before they become live to avoid someone entering incorrect translations. You can filter each screen to only show un-translated options to make it easier to find where you can be involved.

For more detailed information on this form of Translation please see this official tutorial: and there is another good tutorial on Localisation and Internationalisation of ocPortal.

I hope you have found this useful and for most websites the Google translate option above will be sufficient but you can now utilise the full range of translation available to you in ocPortal. If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer them or if I don’t know find the answers for you.

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