[TomatoCart] Failed to Update the Currency Exchange Rates Automatically

A few days ago, a user contacted me to report that the currency exchange rates can’t be updated anymore in the Definitions > Currencies module. After clicking the Update Currency Exchange Rates button, several error messages were shown in the feedback dialog.

After debugging the currencies module, I found out that the Google Finance APIs are no longer available to be accessed. This result in the issue.

googe_apiPlease solve the issue as follows:

Step 1. Download the currencies.zip at www.dropbox.com/s/c4wucz3tpr5wtdx/currencies.zip.

Step 2. You just need to unzip the currencies.zip and put the admin fold into your TomatoCart root directory. You have to override it if your copy process request confirmation. Don’t worry about it. It just override admin/includes/classes/currencies.php to fix this issue. It will not impact any other functionality.
Afterwards, when you click the Update Currency Exchange Rates button in the currencies grid, the rate will be got from yahoo finance service. It’s quick and stable.

currenciesIt is fixed for next version of TomatoCart.

If you need any technical support from us, please just contact us via support@tomatocart.com. We provide free technical support for arvixe users.

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