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  1. Oktofianus Kanni says:

    Hai… Jack Yin..

    I’m Oktofianus from indonesia…

    I was follow your instruction… i can login with google account but in tomato status not login…
    so… if I open new tab in browser so input google account… it’s login…
    should modify in bootstrap/index.php

    • Jack Yin says:


      Please send following information to me:

      1. Url address, username and password of your tomatocart admin panel.

      2. Host, username and password to access your ftp.

      I will do utmost to have a look for you!

    • Alex says:


      You would need to email support@tomatocart.com with all of the requested information:

      -URL, username and password (for your admin area)
      -Host, username and password (for FTP access)

      Once emailed, the developer should look into this for you.


  2. sajad1441 says:

    Hi Jack
    I want to use this, but Google is not the same as training images
    Please see the pictures

    What to do?

  3. You did a great job with this particular post, thanks a lot.

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