[TomatoCart] Solutions for Two Issues that May be Existing in your Store!

In this article, I will show you solutions for the two following issues:

1. After install SSL, admin panel can’t show up

Problem Details:

After we install SSL to our website, we can’t login admin panel (error message: This webpage has a redirect loop) plus we can’t login our customer login.


Step 1. Go to admin/includes/application_top.php.

Step 2. Find following code snippet:

if ( ($request_type == 'NONSSL') && (ENABLE_SSL == true) ) { 
    header('Location: ' . HTTPS_SERVER . DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG . DIR_FS_ADMIN); 

Step3. Please just remove above code

2. How to turn off the top horizontal menu

Problem Details:

Would it be possible for me to turn off the top horizontal menu? I’m using the Bootstrap module. Currently the horizontal menu takes up too much space on my home page. I know part of it is because of the long titles I have for my Categories.

I would be OK with just using the vertical menu (especially since I’ve got the flyouts working)


Step 1. Go to templates > bootstrap > index.php.

Step 2. Find following code snippet:

<div class="nav-collapse collapse">
   <?php echo build_categories_dropdown_menu(); ?>

Step 3. Please just remove above code.

If you can’t modify the code by yourself, we prefer to help you. Please contact support@tomatocart.com to get technical support. We provide free technical support for Arvixe user.

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