[TomatoCart] New Arrival, Feature Items and Hot Deals Within Tabs

In this article, I will show you an amazing product content module including new arrival, feature items and hot deals. The user just need to click the tab to see different products in your store. But, I just implement it for bootstrap template now. If you are using the default template, this tutorial is not proper for you.


Is it good for your store? In this way, it’s enough to install only one module for new products, feature products and best sellers in your TomatoCart store. It means your customer needn’t scroll down to find different products anymore.

It’s easy to integrate this content module into your bootstrap template. Please complete following steps to make it work in your store:

Step 1. Download tab-products-module.zip from dropbox.

Step 2. Unzip the package and then copy following folds into your TomatoCart root directory:

  • ext
  • includes
  • templates

Note: please just override the folds. It will not impact other sections of your system.

Step 3. Install the module under admin panel > Templates > Templates Modules.


Step 3. Set the layout of this module under admin panel > Templates > Templates Modules Layout.



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Jack Yin

TomatoCart Developer & Co Founder - Arvixe Web Hosting / TomatoCart Community Liaison

6 Comments on [TomatoCart] New Arrival, Feature Items and Hot Deals Within Tabs

  1. jeyanthi says:

    I have downloaded this plugin and implemented in the my tomatocart website, i am using bootstrap template, but its showing only empty values while checking through inspect element i am able to findout that the owl-carousel class style shows display:none; so i need to know is there any js we need to integrate in it?

    Please reply as soon as possible.

    • Jack Yin says:

      There maybe some conflicts thrown within your store. Please send me following information to support@tomatocart.com:

      1. The url address, username and password to access your tomato cart admin panel

      2. The host, username and password to connect to your ftp.

      Once i get above information, i could have a look for you by testing it in your live store.

  2. Martin says:

    Boxing appears, but no products in it ?!

  3. Rafi Maina says:

    Hi Jack , can we make this in glass gray template ?

    • Jack Yin says:

      Hi, it is not compatible with default glass gray template. If you really need it, i prefer to customize it for you. Please contact me via skype: tocjack

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