Integrate Product Filters Box Into TomatoCart’s Bootstrap Template

For an online store, it is important to let the customers filter the products effectively in the product listing page. Now, it’s possible to improve your product listing page with the following product filters box module for the bootstrap template.

It’s easy to install this module for your TomatoCart system because I had implemented an auto installation script for it.


Integration Guide:

Step 1. Download the

Step 2. Unzip it and copy the following directories and files into your TomatoCart root directory.

  • admin
  • ext
  • includes
  • templates
  • filters.php

You need to override the directories and files if your copy process request confirmation.

Step 3. Run the auto-installation script

1. Make sure the includes/database_tables.php in your tomatocart root directory is writable by your web server because the auto-installation script will write the database tables into it. You should change the file permission to 775 via ftp.

2. Enter to run the installation script. After the installation, you will see the following message:

install3. For the security reason, you have recover the file permission of includes/database_tables.php. Please set the permission to 644.

Step 4. Go to Admin Panel > Start Menu > Products > Products Filters to add the filters.


create_filtersAs you can see, we have created two filter groups – Color and Size. And then we create filters for each group.

You could change the value of the sort order field to adjust the sequence of the groups and filters displayed in the store front.

Step 5. Link the filters to the categories

link_filter_categoryYou have to link the filters groups and filters to the categories. In this way, when the customer access the category in the store front, the linked filters will be shown.

Step 6. Link the filters to the products

link_filter_produdctAfter linking the filters to the categories, you have to link the filters to the products too. When the customer access the categories and filter the products with the filters, the products with the correct filters linked will be display in the filtered product listing.

Step 7. Install the product filters box under Start Menu > Templates > Templates Modules > Boxes > filters.


You could enable or disable the show product count and cache the contents options in it.

Step 8. Set template layout the product filters box under Start Menu > Templates > Templates Modules Layout > Boxes.


Now, when you access the store font, you will an elegant products filter box as below.


After clicking the white color filter, the products will be filtered.


Done. Enjoy it

If you can’t integrate this product filters box module into your shop by yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us via email to get the technical support.

We promise that all of the Arvixe users will get our professional technical support freely. You just need to show us part of your Arvixe host information via email.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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Author Spotlight

Jack Yin

TomatoCart Developer & Co Founder - Arvixe Web Hosting / TomatoCart Community Liaison

8 Comments on Integrate Product Filters Box Into TomatoCart’s Bootstrap Template

  1. jigsaw says:

    Verry nice plugin! just what i’m looking for, but when i installed it the product page gives a white screen:(
    Do you have any idea why?

  2. Nictonic says:

    Hello! Thank you very much for this plugin. I managed to install it in my tomatocart website on my local network for the moment (so I don’t have a link to show you).
    I have only one small problem: the title of the filterbox is “box_filters_heading” instead of “Filters”.
    Can you help me solve this?
    Thanks in advance, best regards!

    • Jack Yin says:


      It should be caused by the missing xml language file in your TomatoCart language directory. Please check whether the filters.xml is saved in includes/languages/en_US/modules/boxes directory.

      If the issue is still existed, please contact us via

  3. Pongo says:


    please help, module ejects an error > Fatal error: Call to a member function execute() on a non-object in /www/doc/ on line 44
    The panel does not work.

    • Jack Yin says:


      Please send following information to to get technical support:

      1. url address, username and password of your tomato cart panel.

      2. host, username and password of your ftp account.

      Are you an arvixe user? If you are an arvixe user, we provide free technical support for you. Otherwise, we have to charge $10 ~ $15 as the service fee.

  4. George says:

    I have a TomatoCart v1.1.5 and I want to try this module.
    Is it compatible? Which version does it require?
    Thank you

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