[TomatoCart] Adding Sale Saved Amount for Product Listing Page

When you sell products online with TomatoCart, by default TomatoCart will display the regular price struck out with the sale price next to it.

Why not show your customers the saved amount they are getting on the sale price? You can achieve it through following steps:

Step 1. Download save_special_price.zip at


Step 2. Backup includes/classes/product.php in your TomatoCart root directory.

Step 3. Unzip it and copy the includes fold into your tomatocart root directory. Please just override it. Don’t worry about it. It will not impact your core system.

Step 4. Add a language definition into general group:

Definitions Group: general

Definition Key: saved_price

Definition Value: You Save

Snap - 2014-04-21 14:26:24

Snap - 2014-04-21 14:35:29

 Finally, you will see the Sale saved amount in the product listing:

If you need any technical support from us, please just contact us via support@tomatocart.com. We provide free technical support for arvixe users.

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3 Comments on [TomatoCart] Adding Sale Saved Amount for Product Listing Page

  1. Hi, thank you for all the nice work you’re doing on TomatoCart fixes.
    On the “Adding sale saved amount for porduct listing page “, the downloading link :
    doesn’t work. Can it be fixed please ?
    Thank you 🙂

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