[TomatoCart] Enable Sort Order for Products Variants Module in the Admin Panel

Some users have reported having the following problem in the community before:

I am having some issues with getting variants on products sorted correctly. I would like to have them sorted asc in Alphabetical order, but they seem to be a bit mashed up since they are sorting by ID.

How would I go about to customize toc to sort by the displayed name, rather than some ID?


It is possible to set the sort order for each products variants in the admin panel since TomatoCart v1.1.8.4.


You may still use the older version than v1.1.8.4 for your store now. If you want to enable this functionality for your store too, please read this article carefully.

Step 1. Download product_variants_sort_order.zip from dropbox.

Step 2. Unzip the package and copy following folds into your TomatoCart root directory to override the original ones:

  1. admin
  2. includes

Step 3. Run following sql within your database client:

alter table toc_products_variants_groups add sort order int(5) not null default 0 after prodcuts_variants_groups_name;

alter table toc_products_variants_values add sort order int(5) not null default 0 after products_variants_values_name;

Note: replace the toc_ prefix with your own. Otherwise, it will result in error in your database.

Now, you could access your admin panel > Catalog > Products Variants module to set the sort order for each variants depending on your own requirement.


In this way, when your customer access the product with variants in your store front, both the variants groups and entries will be shown according to the sort order set in the admin panel.

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