[TomatoCart]Enable / disable top or side categories menus in the bootstrap template

In the bootstrap template, all of categories added in the admin panel will be shown in the top and side categories menus in the store front.


You may wish to hide some of categories within the top or side menus. It’s not difficult to achieve it. I have implemented such kind of feature. Store owners can enable or disable the category in the admin panel.




So, if you don’t want to show the Desktops category in the Top menu or Side menu of store front, please just check the Disabled radio checkbox.


As you can see, first I disable the Desktops category in the Top menu, it just shows in the Side menus now.

How to apply this functionality for your store?

Step 1. Download the top-side-menu.zip at https://www.dropbox.com/s/51w57b34uo27zj9/top-side-menu.zip?dl=0

Step 2. Unzip it. You will see following directory structure:










Step 3. Backup above files to apply the code changes safely.

Step 4. Copy above admin, includes and templates fold into your TomatoCart root directory. Please just override original ones.

That’s it. After that, you just need to go to admin panel > Catalog > Categories module to enable or disable the category.

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Jack Yin

TomatoCart Developer & Co Founder - Arvixe Web Hosting / TomatoCart Community Liaison

10 Comments on [TomatoCart]Enable / disable top or side categories menus in the bootstrap template

  1. Dartco says:

    Jack, you said that you plan to publish alpha/beta/release new version of Tomatocart 1.x before the New Year. As I see there’s no traces of new version now, so let us know it will be new 2016 or 2017 year? I planned to start new projects (by using TC with FINALLY fixed simple bugs to be able to update stores without permanent craziness and patching of exist bugs) and you just slow down by untruthful promises. Just do something NORMALLY, like other developers do.

  2. Dartco says:

    If you just don’t remember – here’s your words

    at November 22 2014 you said:
    “If everything goes well, the next version of TomatoCart will be released within three months.”

    I don’t see even new alpha with fixed old bugs

    • Jack Yin says:

      Hi Darto,
      Sorry for it. It’s really difficult for me now to complete the task as i expected before. I am working for company during days. As you know, it should be very very busy. So, i have limited time to work on TomatoCart. Anywhere, i will continue to do contribution for TomatoCart gradually.

  3. Ali says:

    Hi Jack ,
    Could you please help me out,i did all step by step and get this
    Error: There was a problem performing the action.
    I can’t add any products

    • Jack Yin says:

      Please send following information to support@tomatocart.com:

      1. Host, username and password to connect to your ftp account.

      2. Url address, username and password to access your tomatocart admin panel.

      And, please describe the problem in the email. Once i receive the information, i will arrange time to have a look for you as soon as possible.

  4. Oktofianus Kanni says:

    Thanks for your tutorial… Mr. Jack

    I from indonesia. Glad to meet you…

    in your tutorial
    May you forget…
    in table toc_categories must be add top_menu, side_menu.
    so I success

  5. sajad1441 says:

    Hi Jack
    Can you fix this?
    I’ve got the same problem that an error occurs while creating the new branch
    While these categories are not displayed
    Screen shot
    http://s4.picofile.com/file/8175022068/cv202.PNG – See more at: http://blog.arvixe.com

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