[TomatoCart] Cache Improvement: Clear Potential Cache WORK Folder Limitations

In TomatoCart system, all of cache files are stored under includes > work fold. There are two situation to result in generating the cache files automatically:

Situation 1:

After your store is accessed by first customer, the following data will be cached in the work fold automatically:

A. Data of enabling box & content modules in your current system.





B. Data of languages & currencies & weight classes & configurations & templates layout.




As you can see, these kind of cache files are limited. It will not impact the performance.

Situation 2:

When your customer access any product details page, one cache file for the product will be generated automatically.


As you can see, this will definitely result in fatal performance problem if there are a lot products sold in your store. Several community users reported this issue ago:

I’m not sure that it’s the issue of Linux or PHP.
Anybody seen if there’s MORE than 10000 files in directory you can’t get access to all files?
Now our store suffers from WORK folder limitations.
At one moment category tree disappears and I can’t access Cache in Cache Control module of Admin Panel. I just got empty window in Cache Control.

We have 25000 products in a store and I got this from to time!

I think that TC shall separate cache files in different directories to avoid this problem and to get faster response time

How to clear potential cache WORK folder limitations

In order to clear this issue, we have to store the cache files in separated folds as follow:

1. Store cache files of content modules into work/modules/content fold.

2. Store cache files generated by box modules into work/modules/boxes fold.

3. Store the products cache files into work/products/year/month/day fold.

Finally, the cache folds structure will looks like:


Steps to integrate new cache mechanism into your store

1. Backup all of your original tomatocart files via the file manager tools in your host panel. So, it is safe to apply the changes.

Note: if you can’t do it by yourself, please ask your host provider to do it for you.

2. Download a separated_cache.zip from https://www.dropbox.com/s/yaeerezcgk0wdlf/separated_cache.zip?dl=0

3. Unzip the package and copy following folds into your tomato cart root directory to override the original files within your system:

  • includes
  • admin

Note: if you modified the default admin fold name, please rename the admin fold with your own name. Then, copy it into your tomatocart root directory.

That’s it. After applying above changes for your system, the cache files generated in your system will be easy to manageable. In addition, it will enhance the performance of system because it will become more effective to be found by your web server.

Final Words

If you need help, same thing, drop me a message via email or Skype. I’d be glad to help.

Email: support@tomatocart.com 

Skype: tocjack

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  1. Dartco says:

    Jack, thanks. I hope this fix will be included in next TC version. It will improve the overall performance

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