[TomatoCart] Refine products with attributes in bootstrap template

In this article, I will teach you how to integrate an attributes filters box module into your bootstrap template.


Snip20150225_25With this module, your customers could filter the products in the products listing page effectively. The attributes filters will be show under each attribute group.

Please integrate this module into your store as follows:

Step 1. Backup your whole store files for safety.

Step 2. Download attributes_filters.zip at https://www.dropbox.com/s/uut7iyf19o6g67v/attributes_filters.zip?dl=0

Step 3. Unzip the package into your local computer.

Step 4. Copy includes and templates folds into your tomatocart root directory in your web server to override original files.

Step 5. Install the module under admin panel > start menu > Templates > Templates Modules > Boxes.

Snip20150225_15Step 6. Set the module layout under admin panel > start menu > Templates > Templates Modules Layout > Boxes.

Snip20150225_17Step 7. Disable the default products attributes filters under admin panel > start menu > Configuration > Configuration > Product Listing sort order.


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