[TomatoCart] Make your products list in Google Shopping

When you visit products page of Google platform, you could find a Google Shopping menu in the Specialized Search section.

 Snip20150725_9What is google shopping?

Upload your product data to Google Merchant Center, and let millions of shoppers see your online and in-store inventory.

Snip20150725_10It means the products in your TomatoCart store are possible to be searched in the above products listing of google shopping. When the customer find the product in the google shopping, he could click Shop button in the product detail page to visit your store.

Snip20150725_12How to upload your products data into google merchant?

Step 1. You have to sing up a merchant account at https://www.google.com/retail/merchant-center.

Step 2. Enter your store information for your account.


Step 3. After that , you have to verify your store as following instruction:

Snip20150725_16Step 4. Once your store is verified, you could go into your google merchant center. Then, you just need to click the Feeds tab to upload data feeds. So, google could fetch your online products automatically and make them searchable in the google shopping platform.







Step 5. Enter the basic information of your data feeds.


Note: The Feed name is the name of feed file stored in your web server. I will teach you how to generate such xml feed file for your tomatocart store. For example: http://www.tomatocart.com/product.xml. Google will fetch this feed and parse the data automatically.

Step 6. Choose a method for uploading your data feed.

Snip20150725_21Note: please choose the automatic upload method. In this way, google will scheduled fetch your feed at a specific time Daily / Weekly / Monthly according to your setting as follow:

Snip20150725_23Finally, you will see a following table:

Snip20150725_25Now, google will begin to fetch your products data according to the fetch frequency and free time setting.

Done. I will teach you how to generate the xml data feed for your tomatocart store in next article.

Final word

It is significant to upload your products into google merchant. This will redirect more customers to your online store from google shopping platform. I strongly recommend you to try it.

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