[TomatoCart] Integrate Four Banners into the Left & Right Columns in your Store

It should be very useful to inform visitors about offers, new products and services with banners used on your home page and throughout the user journey. In this article, I will teach how to integrate four banners modules into your store so as to let you add two banners in the left column and two banners in the right column with different position.



How to integrate it into your store?

Step 1. Download four-banners.zip at https://www.dropbox.com/s/kzar3y2wb9vfa2r/four-banners.zip?dl=0

Step 2. Unzip the package and copy the following folds into your opencart root directory:

  • admin
  • includes
  • templates

Note: if you rename the default admin fold name, please rename the admin fold with your custom name and then copy it into your opencart root directory.

Step 3. Create the banner groups under admin panel > Tools > Banner Manager.




As you can see, I have created four banner groups:

  • Banner left 1
  • Banner left 2
  • Banner right 1
  • Banner right 2

Step 4. Install the banners modules under admin panel > Templates > Templates Modules > Boxes and link the module with specific banner group.



As you can see, you just need to choose the banner group for the banner module.

Step 5. Set the layout for the banner modules under Templates > Templates Modules Layout > Boxes.


Once you set the layout for each banner module, they will be shown in the store front.

For default Glass Gray template:




For Bootstrap template:


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4 Comments on [TomatoCart] Integrate Four Banners into the Left & Right Columns in your Store

  1. Rafi Maina says:

    Works great for me !!! Thanks again Jack 🙂

  2. wowdeal says:

    It is not working for me 🙁 the step where i’m supposed to link the module with specific banner group (part 2 of step 4) it gives me an empty window and the settings won’t appear so i can link them 🙁 please help

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