[TomatoCart] How to clear the piwik service from your store

Some users may still use the previous versions of TomatoCart that included the Piwik service to track a stores visitors. The data will be stored in the database. So, this will impact the performance of store because there will be more and more data to be saved into the database. It would be better to remove it and just use the Google Analytics service.

Now, I will teach you how to clear the Piwik data and files completely from your store:

Step 1. Disable the piwik service under admin panel > start menu > Modules > Services.


Step 2. Remove the piwik database tables.

Snip20150225_8As you can see, i used the phpmyadmin tool to remove the tables from mysql database. In general, you could find the same tool in the database section of your host cpanel. You have to find all of the tables prefixed with toc_piwik and then select them. Finally, you just need to choose the drop option to delete the selected tables.

Step 3. Delete piwik.php under includes > modules > services fold.












Step 4. Delete piwik.php under admin > includes > modules > services fold.

Now, the piwik service is cleared from your store. Don’t forget to backup whole store files and database before applying above changes for your store.


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  1. ion dan says:

    Hi all these incrementals updates are welcome but i think that most of us that use tomatocart are waiting for the next version . Do you have a release date for v2 ?

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