[TomatoCart] Clear issue – failed to convert currency automatically

One community user report that it’s always failed to convert currency automatically now.

I have 3 currencies setup in tomatocart:
Namibian Dollars (default) – value 1.00
Euro – value 0.00
USD – value 0.00

Now… when I update the currencies it calculates the currency USD to NAD and not NAD to USD.
When I now change the currency in the front end to USD, and article that costs 1 NAD now costs USD 12.00

I can manually update the currencies but would perfer to have it automatically.

But even with that as default – it still updates incorrectly.

After checking the code, I noticed that it is due to the Google rate exchange API has ceased to work properly.

Snip20150622_7So, I have changed the code to get the currency rate from Yahoo’s finance API. In addition, I have improved the code equality based on modern code standard. It is very stable and effective now.

Snip20150622_6Figure 1. Default currency is USD.

Snip20150622_8Figure 2. Change the default currency to EURO.


Figure 3. Clicked the update currency exchange rates button to update the rate automatically

Steps to apply the patch for your store

Step 1. Download patch from https://www.dropbox.com/s/ji18ivrxt0lf1k0/github%23264.zip?dl=0

Step 2. Unzip it and copy the admin and vendor directories into your TomatoCart root directory to override the original files.

Done. Now, you can update the currencies rate automatically in the admin panel. It’s stable and effective.

Final Word

If you need my assistance, your could contact me via support@tomatocart.com. Although i am very busy during days, i will do utmost to give you a reply as soon as possible.

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