[TomatoCart Bootstrap]Show ajax loading animation as clicking add to cart button

It would be better to show an AJAX loading animation when your customer click the add to cart button in bootstrap template. Otherwise, your customer won’t get any notification to know that current action is being processed by system when the network is slow. I have implemented an animation which looks like:

Snip20150122_2Figure 1. Ajax animation when customer click the Buy now button in the home page.

Snip20150122_3Figure 2. Ajax animation when customer click the Add to Shopping Cart button in the product info page.

As you can see, this feature should improve the user experience to a certain extent. Now, i will teach you how to integrate it into your store.

Step 1. Download the package at https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vk7xe1u1i9aspn/popup_ajaxloading.zip?dl=0

Step 2. Unzip the package and then you will see following file structure:

Snip20150122_7Step 3. Backup above files within your system and then just copy the files into your system root directory to override original ones.

That’s it. Finally, you just need to clear the cache of your web browser to test the new feature in your store.

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