TomatoCart is Building a Specific Edition for Arvixe Users

In the TomatoCart community, many users face the problem of installing languages packs and templates. In order to let the Arvixe users install the language packs and templates efficiently, TomatoCart is building a specific edition for Arvixe users.

In this specific edition, TomatoCart will pre-install two free templates that are based on the latest stable and security version. The following figure 1 displays the home page of the free TomatoCart game template that is completed for Arvixe.

Figure 1. Home page of TomatoCart game template 

Figure 2. Catalog listing page 

Figure 3. Shopping cart page 

Figure 4. Checkout one page 

This free game template is integrated into the TomatoCart specific edition for Arvixe users. Once TomatoCart has been installed on your Arvixe web server successfully, you can install the template under Admin Panel->Templates-> Templates as follows:

Figure 5. Install the TomatoCart game template 

Moreover, the language packs such as the English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese will be included in the specific edition. Arvixe user just need to install the required language under Admin Panel->Definitions->Languages as follows:

Figure 6. Upload and install the language packs 

Note: There might be a few language definitions that haven’t been translated yet. It is necessary to translate it by yourself under Admin Panel->Definition->Languages->Edit Modules

Figure 7. Edit the language definitions in the language pack

TomatoCart core team is implementing another template. This specific TomatoCart edition is unique for Arvixe users and will be available soon. All of the Arvixe users who build the online store with this specific TomatoCart edition will have the TomatoCart commercial support forum access for 3 months freely.

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