TinyMce or CkEditor in Elgg: Which One is the Best?

TinyMce and CKEditor are WYSIWYG text editors that allows you to write text with some formatting in elgg. However, there’s the question which one is the best for an elgg network? In this article I will review both WISIWYG text editors for elgg 1.8


Several plugins make use of WISIWYG editors to enter information. The most important plugin that makes use of these editors is the Blogs plugin, which allows users to add pictures, videos, etc. Without these editors you can’t create interesting blogs in elgg.

TinyMce Editor for Elgg

tinymce elggTinyMce is the default editor for elgg 1.8 It has more features than CKeditor and has been around for quite some time. Its interface is very user friendly, since it shows all features on screen. One of its most important features is the ability to upload images from your computer in simple steps. Besides that, TinyMce code has been modularized using AMD, and it has full support for HTML5 video.

CKEditor for Elgg

ckeditor for elgg

CKeditor has been the WYSIWYG editor chosen for the upcoming version of elgg: 1.9 It aims to improve edition to web applications. It is open source, like TinyMce and its user interface is simple yet powerful, and it provides the ability to upload files and pictures as well.

I’ve been testing both for the last couple of months, and CKeditor has proven to be easy to use, and also very lightweight. It takes less time to load than TinyMce, it has better multilingual support and more built-in features. If you don’t want to wait for elgg 1.9, you can download CKeditor plugin for elgg 1.8 and start using the best WYSIWYG text editor in the world.

This Concludes TinyMce or CkEditor in elgg: Which one is the best?

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