TidyPics for Elgg 1.8 is Out

After months of development and waiting, the picture album plugin for Elgg TidyPics is finally out of beta. In this article, I will talk about some important tips about TidyPics before installing it.

For almost 10 months, TidyPics was on beta. An important plugin (and only) now has an official release. I’ve been using it the last couple of days, with the latest Elgg release (1.8.8) and found no issues while using it.

Error logs

The previous beta version generated an error log on the server, and it was growing every time I was using it because it came with several deprecated functions. Unlike the beta, the official release is free of that issue. It works without generating error logs.

Uploading Pictures

Uploading has been improved. Now you can use a flash uploader, which is faster and you can see the progress of the picture uploaded. Testing in our Arvixe servers, I didn’t face any issue. Flash Uploader just works with no issues. TidyPics also offers a basic upload for those who don’t want to use the flash one.

River Activity

The photo activity in the river has been improved. Now you can comment the picture right on the activity page. In fact, now you can like your picture on the activity page.

Slideshow Option

As the beta version, this one also comes integrated with Cool Iris. You can view Elgg pictures in a better way, in slide show mode with high quality. It is fast and it doesn’t increase server load.

Overall, the current TidyPics, which can be downloaded here, is ready to use in Elgg 1.8

If you are using the beta version, I strongly recommend you to remove it and install the latest release of TidyPics

This now conclude TidyPics for Elgg 1.8 is out

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Happy Hosting!

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