Tidypics and Elgg 1.9

Elgg 1.9 is just months away. This is the first of a series of articles that will help you migrate from elgg 1.8.x to elgg 1.9 In this article I will discuss about Tidypics for elgg 1.9 Tydipcis has been released for elgg 1.9, which is a big milestone because during the last major release of elgg, it took several months to get a stable version of Tidypics. Now, elgg 1.9 will feature a better photo gallery plugin, with better ajax and CoolIris Integration, which will enhance the look and feel of Tidypics.

Tidypics elgg 1.9

Tidypics Preview | elgg 1.9

One of the best things about Tidypics is that it uses less server resources while uploading and viewing a picture. On previous releases, pictures took some time to load, because it wasn’t optimized, this new version has proven to be better with cache and with picture loading.

So far Tidypics will be the best solution for picture sharing for elgg. We will still support 1.8, however due to the latest optimizations that are being added to elgg, we strongly recommend to upgrade as soon as this new version comes out.

This concludes Tidypics and elgg 1.9 Looking for quality Elgg Hosting? Look no further than Arvixe Web Hosting! Happy Hosting! Rodolfo Hernandez
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4 Comments on Tidypics and Elgg 1.9

  1. henk says:

    i installed the plugin but face some issues. I can not upload any photo and some text are white and template can not show the text of that.

    can you support me?


  2. nikki says:

    i have the same problem i cant upload pics …. elgg 1.9

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