The New TomatoCart Template Engine with Twitter Bootstrap

It’s good practice to have a core, underlying CSS definition so that your website appears and acts consistently across all browsers. After long time investigation TomatoCart Team decides to use Twitter Bootstrap as the underlying CSS framework for new TomatoCart template engine.

Bootstrap is a HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript framework that helps simplify the site design and development. It is a responsive framework and it was made work perfect in the latest desktop browsers (as well as IE7!), as well as the mobile devices (tablet and Smartphone) browsers.

Bootstrap provides a 12-column responsive grid, dozens of UI components, JavaScript plugins, typography, form controls, etc.

With new TomatoCart Bootstrap Framework, now you have:

  • –Compatible with TomatoCart v1.1.8.
  • –Flexible 12-column grid layout for desktop browsers
  • –Categories Drop Down Navigation Menu
  • –Product Grid & List View
  • –Compatible with IE7+, Firefox & chrome
  • – Pure css3 button instead of old image button, easy for customization

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