The Different Components for Using Silex

As you all know components are essentials to any publication on the web. You’ll find listed below the different types of components available for Silex:

Image component (jpg, png, gif)

This component allows you to insert images with different format in your publication.

Text component

It works like any text editor. You can write your text directly in your text component and change its color, size, font, etc. You can also use html code.

Audio and Video components (mp3, mp4, flv)

SWF components

Geometry components

The geometry components work as the geometry tools in Illustrator. You can draw rectangle or ellipse and adapt them to your needs (gradient, borders, background, etc).


Buttons are used most of the time to navigate into a publication.


The frame components allow the display of elements external to your publication. For example you can use them to display a google maps page, a google form, etc…

Oof components (Silex specific components)

The Oof components are principally used to add specific functionalities as gallery, dynamic menu, etc…. They are also used for pdf import to allow the automatic generation of pages.














With the various components listed above, you should be able to design a website like this one <> .

Try it now!

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